Seriously! Is This Important?

A Man who dares to waste one hour of time has not understood the value of life

Charles Darwin

When I was a teenager, many relatives were mean to me, They pass mean comments to me as I was not that good looking and extremely thin. I made these incidents so large in my life that I started to see myself from their lens. I regarded myself as ugly, which I wasn’t. I would not take part in any school activities of fearing to be mocked. I did let my past affect me a lot.

I could have ignored and moved on. It was a deal but not that big. If we give an apple to observe, some will focus on the redness of the apple, some on the size, some will comment on the taste. Every human being sees the world from their lens. They have their own beliefs and notions. And I let those notions affect me. I have held these incidents so tight, that even air can’t pass. As I moved further in my life, it became heavier. As a result, I can’t move forward. I lost my confidence. With Time, one heal. So did I. I realized that I wasted so much energy on my past and wasted precious time and moments of life. I could have created nice memories or experiences for myself. And that time will never come back, it’s gone. I just lost my precious time.

Realization comes so late but it comes. Sometimes, Situations are tiffin box and we make them big suitcase in our mind! I read it somewhere, below example and it was an eye-opener.

Suppose, your bank account has $15000 and somebody steals $1 and runs away. What will you do? A practical person will put all his effort to safeguard the remaining $14999 and rather than running after $1. Similarly, If someone ruins a moment of your life, will you ruin your entire life for it or let it go & move forward! We are surrounded by people & situations who will judge you on every aspect of your life, maybe the way you look, dress, career opportunities, love prospects, etc. They will pull you down. No matter what. So why we focus on them rather focus on large part of you life- Family, ambitions, love, goals ,etc.

We have a very limited amount of time with us on earth. And the beauty of our life is that we don’t know how much time we have! Its a mystery! We might have a few hours, days, weeks, or years! You never know when it will end.

So what will be your take??

Will you spend the rest of your life thinking about the past or live the present!

If we keep hounding on our past then we won’t be able to give time & energy to important aspects of our lives like family, career, etc. Thinking about our past is an energy-draining activity. This will become a habit. As a result, one may have mood swings, low self-esteem, confidence, lack of focus, negative impact on career & family.

Lifehack to save yourself for overthinking is question yourself:

  • Is the said incident in your life is very important?
  • What are the benefits you will reap?
  • Imagine the result, if you keep thinking about this incident or person!

By asking the above questions, you will just answer yourself.

Your smarter self will never allow you to do indulge in overthinking & hold on to the past. You just have to move forward. That’s it!

Cheers to you & Happy life!!!

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