Motivational Blog-How many people are you carrying with yourself?

“You will find that it is necessary to let things go; simply for the reason that they are heavy. So let them go, let go of them. I tie no weights to my ankles.”

C. JoyBell C.

Living in a past is something that most of us have done. When the memory is negative, it gives us more pain, when we remember. It’s like scratching a wound again and again.

More you remember that memory, the more you will endure pain. Definitely you will feel that your head is heavy and it is difficult to carry.

I remember, my senior from the head office, who came to visit the regional office. I had a very good terms with my senior. We were discussing after lunch on issues we are facing with the team & how we should motivate them as the collections from the market is going down and debts are increasing. Suddenly, I found his expression changed and he was into some other zone. I asked him, if he was okay? He nodded. I thought everything was fine. I was describing how some team members are not giving 100% and suddenly, his expressions were even stronger. And he said, “Sometime people perform and still they don’t get appreciation for it!”. I was very confused and was puzzled as we had a performance report of my team in our hands. Then, He looked at me and said that remark was not for me. And he left. Through the grapevine, I got to know that he had a very rough meeting with our super boss, a week ago. I think, he was still angry on him and that’s why, was distracted.

Point here is, this incident happened a week ago and still he is carrying our boss and his words in his head. Wherever he goes, they are going with him ( his boss & his words). Surely, he will be distracted. He was overthinking about that incident; he has rewind and played that cassette of that incident again and again. As a result, the existence of those characters in his head became stronger. Wherever he goes, those characters were going with him. My senior was getting frustrated about the incident, while  his boss was on vacation.  He was pushing himself into the past while people moving forward into the present.

I know forgetting the past is not easy but remembering the past again & again, will not do any good to you too!

While those who have done wrong to you (according to you) they are already enjoying their life and moving ahead in their lives.

If you overthink about the incident that has hurt you the most, you will suffer and will not move ahead in life.

What I am trying to say here is that as we keep thinking about that incident, we are also carrying the character of that incident in our head. We are basically living with  those characters in our daily life.

More incidents, more characters, you are giving space into your head, without any rent!

So how many characters are you going to live with (in your head) than actual in real life. As a result, you will feel that your head is heavy, because so many characters are living inside your head!!. You could have utilize that space into something more productive like learning a Guitar or new course!!

I also lived with many characters in my head over 3 months and understood that it has not done any good to me. I was irritated every time. I can’t focus on things that were important to me. I have made those characters so strong in my head that they are actually living with me. I was stressed and my characters in reality, they were having a gala time. So,

Who lost those precious  3 Months of life ?…. Me

Who lost the track?………Me’

Whose mental health was affected? Mine

What does those characters doing in their real life?.. They were enjoying!

Whose loss ? … Mine

So, How did I overcome a bad incident? I just shifted my focus & got busy into my work.

Whenever a bad incident happens, I learn from it and give myself some hours to repent for that incident and then I remind myself about my goals – where I have reached & where I want to reach. What exactly do I have to do to reach those goals? Simple!!

Goals help you to focus in your life. Setbacks are part of life but setting goals will make you move forward!! Trust me. Shit happens and happens a lot to everybody!… but it is on you to decide whether to live with that shit or move forward!!  Totally your decision!! 

In movie “ Kung fu Panda” ,“Master Oogway” says to PO (panda) – “ Past is a history, Future is  mystery but present is a gift “ that’s why we called it a present

If you want to feel alive! Then live in the present and make new memories filled with happiness.

Enjoy happiness and live in present without any characters in your mind!!!

Happy living to you!!!

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