Motivational Blog – Focus Please!!

“Your Life is controlled by what you focus on”

-By Tony RobBins

When I was 12, My grandfather bought a dog and named him “Jimmy”. I was always afraid of dogs ( even today) but with this dog, I was in my comfort zone. I was never scared of him and slowly, I gained confidence that he will not harm me. Slowly, he became a part of my life. After some years, I was away from my home due to studies and got to know that he died due to some illness. I felt heartbroken and bad. But if you ask me that “ were you thinking about Jimmy yesterday or the day before yesterday or at least in this month?” Then My answer will be “NO” , I am not proud but yes this is the truth!

My point here is when you move your focus from a particular incident, person/living being  or a thing, your mind also stops thinking about the same. Jimmy was important to me but my focus is not directed towards him. My focus is on many things like my family, health, career etc . My focus has changed and thus, the thoughts of my mind have also changed.

Your focus basically gives your mind a direction to think or create thoughts on a particular situation. You take any example of a successful person, who started from the scratch and has nothing initially. For Eg: JK Rowling is the best example of “rags to riches’ ‘ , Before Harry potter, published in 1997, she had a tough life, she had to deal with her divorce,  support her baby and was on government aid and barely can meet ends. She doesn’t have a computer and photocopying was very expensive for her, so she manually typed each version to send out to various publishers. She faced many rejections until one small publisher came forward to publish her book. What JK Rowling did, She just changed her focus from problems in her life to the goal. 

Take example of Oprah Winfrey, She has dealt with  racism, sexual abuse but all this never came in between her ambition and goals. She was a victim of sexual abuse by her cousin & uncle and was pregant & gave birth to a child at the age of 14. Her baby died two weeks after birth. But this doesn’t stop her from going to school. She completed her high school and got the full scholarship for college and she took the ladder from local anchor to International superstar.

Besides all the hardship, Oprah never focussed on her hardships but on her goal. 

JK Rowling or Oprah Winfrey or Any other successful person, what all do they have in common?. Answer is focus. All they did is that they shifted their focus from their misery to the goal they wanted to achieve. Their minds were functioning according to their focus and started producing all the related thoughts and ideas to achieve that focussed goal. And this is the focal point of their life. 

If you continuously focus on the bad phase or situation of your life then you will be stuck in your life. You will not be able to move ahead because you are not giving your mind directions -“to look for the other opportunities and let’s move forward”. Your mind is unable to produce any new thoughts and ideas because you are not giving any commands to do so. Your mind will produce the thoughts related to the phase you are stuck into. As a result, you will start to feel pity about yourself and slowly it will lead you into depression. 

To get the “Focal point” in your career, You just have to change your focus.  In my case, I used to over think all kinds of trash which is being said to me. I always felt hurt and bad about myself. Trust me, it will never take you anywhere. I had lost my track because my focus was so much on unnecessary words.Currently, I am at peace with myself, because I have stopped focusing on people and their words. My focus is completely on my family and career. These are the most important elements in my life. I Want to focus on them in my life. And I feel happy ,with my family and when I see that I am moving ahead in my career.

You just have to narrow down the people & the goals you want in your life. And just focus on them and especially on your life. Find your goals & set some to give directions to your mind.

If you are having difficulty in finding a goal then set your mind with the focus on keeping yourself happy. That’s it. Your mind will come up with all the ideas that will make you happy. Eventually you will find your goal 🙂 

Like I said, focus is the best navigator for your brain. Setting out the right directions will ultimately take you towards your ultimate goal.

Cheers to Life and Happiness!!

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4 thoughts on “Motivational Blog – Focus Please!!

  1. A very nicely written blog with life changing methodologies just focusing on one approach………..Which is your focus…….Worth reading every time you are deprived of motivation..

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