Happiness Blog-Say cheers to happiness!! Let’s celebrate life!!

The most important thing is to enjoy your life- to be happy. It’s all that matters.

Audrey Hepburn

Life is a beautiful vacation as i always said, We should enjoy ..at least try to enjoy the most of it. 

I have read somewhere , “ That you will happen once in a lifetime. This life will never come to you again” so what are you doing to enjoy the most of the vacation??

To enjoy the vacation and to be happy most of our life, we should make a habit to make ourselves happy once a week. Ideally it should be everyday but for starters ..lets try with the week.

We take care of everyone in our lives, Spouse, kids, parents, relatives, dogs etc but what about ourselves?

When was the last time you did something for yourself that made you happy ?

If you remember, It’s great.. But If not , then, We have a problem here. It is really important to take care of yourself just like a baby…We just need to take care of ourselves too.. If we don’t, you will find that, you may develop have one or more  below symptoms :-

  • Always irritated
  • Always stressed
  • Always angry
  • Always complaining
  • Feeling sorry for yourself
  • Jealous from others

If any of such symptoms, then yes, you need to focus on yourself. This is the only solution. You might say it is just that “I am going through a rough phase”, But even if it’s rough time ,may be on the career or relationship side, Specially during these tough times, you need to take very good care of yourself. You may rely on your loved ones for this… But no one can better understand you but yourself. So, Do take care of yourself

Even when you are not in any patchy situation and still have a symptom, then it’s sign that you need your attention.Just give some time to yourself & find out the things which make you  happy. Do some stuff only for yourself , spend time with yourself. For eg: If chocolate cake makes you happy then make sure you give yourself a treat! No matter what. If painting makes you feel happy then do it.

Only one thing which matters here is you. 

 When we take birth,our major responsibility is to make ourselves happy most of our life. Like I said , Life is a vacation. Do you want to go on a vacation where you make your trip gloomy?..No … we try to enjoy most of our trip and try new experiences which fills us with good memories of the destination. 

I understand that sometimes, Life is pretty hard on us. In those cases , it is difficult  to keep ourselves happy.. Right? ..But the answer to this question is … can you change your situation?

If yes then, you should be happy. But if not, then by being sad can you change your situation? “No “ then why not try to be happy. At Least you will lower your stress level and you might handle the situation better. I am not saying to say out loud on gloomy days that you are happy… but atleast keep yourself calm & do something for yourself at least that will give you a feeling of contentment and for a time being it will take away your attention from the problem. 

I know it’s difficult but why not give it a try!

My father has the most ups and downs in his life, But whenever something bad happens with him… I have usually seen him spending time with his family and eating his favourite food .. specially from streets!!. I once said to him “ Dad! How can you enjoy your  food when you are in trouble” He answered very calmly – “ Whenever I have a situation, I calm myself first by eating my favourite food and spending time with you all. Once I am calm, Then I try to find a solution to it. .. It’ll just give me a better picture to see my problem and then find a solution to it.” ..Now  I understood his lines much better than the time he told me. 

When my husband is stressed he sings or listens to music…This is his best stressbuster !

And when I am in stress , I cook. 🙂

Note: Being happy only means doing something for yourself but it doesn’t mean harming others. 😛

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Happy Living!!

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