Motivational Blog- It’s Okay!! Relax!!

“Don’t worry about a thing, ’cause, every little thing is gonna be alright!”

– Bob Marley

” Hey!! You will be alright!! It’s just a phase and I am sure it shall pass “

Whenever you feel that your life is falling..Say this above line to yourself in front of the mirror!… Reassure yourself that everything will be alright!… And take a deep breaths!!.. In hard times, if you don’t reassure yourself then who will?

Just make yourself remember that every moment, phase, life scenes always pass and enters into new one.

Remember your childhood, when learning to ride a bike or making new friends in school was very difficult initially tried again…. and again…. and eventually you succeeded. And after so many years, if you remember those moments, your hardships.. … It will just leave you with good proud feeling.

When you see a mountain you always assume that climbing this mountain is so difficult but once you start climbing it , you will realize that in just a matter of time, you have reached top of the mountain. So, it is just a matter of time. You just need to put your honest efforts. That’s it. 🙂

Give Positive Affirmations to yourself everyday, like ” I am happy ” ” I am blessed”. I have seen positive affirmations work . It brings positivity in life. Think like this, If you feed your mind with the negative notions like ” I am failing” ” I am a loser” etc, Your thinking process will become negative about yourself. Try to feed positive notion in your mind…and say positive things about yourself, remember your achievements ( Trust me there are plenty of achievements) and remind yourself that you are a achiever. Automatically, You will start producing positive thoughts about yourself. Always remember quality of the product depends on its raw material.

Note : Never ever use “L” word for yourself. (L= Loser) You are bringing yourself down.. Always remind yourself ” That I am an Achiever”… and yes you are!!!

Experiment using Reassurance and Positive affirmation and tell me in comment section, whether it helped you or not!!

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