Motivational Blog- “I am broken from Inside”

“Behind my smile is a broken heart, behind my laugh I’m falling apart. Behind my eyes are tears at night, behind my body is a soul trying to fight.” – Anonymous

“I am walking and walking, trying to hold myself but …alas.. parts of me are falling on ground”….

This is the most painful situation, one can ever been into. Beauty about this situation is that only you can see that you are falling apart but people around you can’t. It’s even difficult to explain to others what you are going through. Deep inside, You even don’t want to tell people about your situation due to fear of mockery, insensitivity, privacy etc. You are not sure that the other person will see the same way as you are.

What we can do in this situation??… Sulk inside? Take help? or help yourself- How?

Let’s go little bit inside the root of the problem – “Focus” . We are focusing more on other people than ourselves. We don’t need validation of others, We just need ourselves. We try to seek comfort from others rather giving to ourselves. we forgot to care for ourselves & wants the same from others. Why? Because our focus is not on ourselves.

In order to come out from this feeling, we should start focusing more on the work , food, loved ones that makes us happy. Make it a point that you do something every week for yourself. For eg: This weekend, I will do gardening by myself or book an appointment for spa or play my favorite sport. And plan this special event for yourself. This will give a spark in your life. Engage yourself with the task and get busy with yourself. Everybody likes attention and here we are giving the same to ourselves.

Assign some activity to & for yourself , see how much fulfilling is this. Slowly you will find yourself and have a better clarity of what you want to do, With whom you are happy and how much attention you have to give to others. And slowly you will come out of the “Broken” situation.

Try this once and this will make you feel good! Trust Me!

Just always remember that, this is your life & some focus should be on yourself also!! Everybody is going in flow with their story and so do we. So might be their focus will be less on us & more on themselves. So only you can care, love & nurture yourself!!

Do tell me how do you feel after doing something for yourself!!!

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