Happiness Blog- Hello! Fellow traveler!

Live, Travel, Adventure, Bless and don’t be sorry

Jack Kerouac

Just Imagine, you are in a holiday and exploring new country/city/town. And you came into the contact with local people of that place. You enjoy their cuisine, culture, folklore etc and even you try to learn their language and try to communicate with them with the broken local language but still you try and get corrected by them. Here, what exactly you are doing?? you are making memory and the stories to live, laugh and share with your friends and family.

Our life journey is exactly the same.When we born, we take a birth in a family, town, country and we learn their culture, values, traditions, folklore etc. Throughout our life , we meet with new people, experiences, food, etc and we make new memories & love to share with people.

Don’t you think, it’s just same.. But there is one difference, We forgot to enjoy our life journey.

See, we all have hardships and we have to face it , now its on us, we can face it with a smile or a tear. When you have a calm and positive mind, you are more prepared to face those challenges. Let me add a little science to it. Our every body part requires energy to work, But if you use all your brain’s energy in fighting those negative thoughts, situation. You won’t be able to focus on the your work or your priorities.. 1 work. Because you are not left with any energy, you have consumed it in non productive thought our situation. Just free yourself with this non productive situations. Try not to be in between any unnecessary argument, keep yourself away from negative people, Enjoy “Me” time and spend time with important people in your life, But always with a smile đŸ™‚

I dare you, Just be positive for one single entire day…. and face every moment positively with a smile. When you wake up that day, just smile to yourself in a mirror, when you see yourself , feel cheerful when you eat your breakfast and when you off to work, then smile and go… just do it, for one day. Don’t allow any body, Not even your negative thoughts, to spoil your mood , in any manner. Just smile and move forward for the day. You will see the difference. Life is an experience and every day is an experiment. So, give it a try, you have nothing to loose.

I can assure you that one positive day will be the most stress free day for you.. Just practice this positive day for 21 days, This will make your life journey more cheerful and with full of joy.

Do share your experience in the comment section. If you feel the difference, please share this blog with your family & friends and spread happiness in their life journey.

” Every road will come to an end , but it’s memories remains forever “

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