Motivational Blog- Hey congratulations!! You are a superstar!

The way you dress up, the way you walk, you talk, !! you are a superstar!

Yes!! Your heard me correct! You are a superstar of your life and always will.

 It’s your human life, you have decided to look in a certain way, that’s your fashion, your style, same way when many Movie actresses or actors’ wears skin of a cheetah or Zebra, which they think looks good on them, is there choice. Some of their fashion may appeal to you or may not. Same way, your fashion may appeal to some and may not to some.  This means you are superstar! You have your own style & personality.

There always a someone who see you as a star! Think Who is that person??

Your Family, Friends, Children, neighbors, relatives etc.??? … May be…. But the answer is you!!

You are a superstar of your human life; you really care for yourself. 

You may think, it’s very philosophical!!… But actually, its practical!

 Let me give you an example, whenever we know that our favorite superstar dies or met with an accident, how do you feel??  You feel bad or sad about it for a day or two. Now let’s take the same situation when you fall sick, then, how do you feel? Sick, bad, low, unable to do as you wanted till you get well.

Now compare Both the situation, your feeling towards yourself is more prominent than your feeling towards a superstar!! Then who is a bigger superstar for you?? Obviously, you, yourself!!

Now you will say, why you are telling this to me???  What’s the catch??

Simple, just want to show, that you are a celebrity of your life, your whole life revolves around you, you just need to focus on yourself also.  We sometimes, talk derogatory about ourselves, agree with other people perspective about us and feel inferior over others.

Will you compare your favorite celebrity with another?? If Someone compares a different celebrity to your favorite one, you will fight for your favorite one & argue with him until you win.

Then why don’t you fight for yourself with everyone even with yourself when someone says, mean to you. When you can’t hear the same for your celebrity then why for yourself???

There are situations, you don’t want to get into fights with such people but at least make a point or give valid reason to yourself that you are not those things and if there is criticism, make sure you  take it positively and make a  better version of self!!

You are celebrity, your walk, your talk, your smile has a different essence, that essence is you!!

You have to treat yourself the same way, the way you do a favorite celebrity!! By giving respect & love!

Yes! you are a Celebrity!! Celebrity of your life!!

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